My UCAS Personal Statement for Computer Science

In this modern and high-tech world, I always ask myself how things work. If I don’t understand something, then I deconstruct it to get a better understanding and see how the individual elements make up the big picture. My experience of problem-solving began when I got a Rubik’s cube, that’s when I understood the importance of algorithms. That little inexpensive toy had a great impact in my life, it taught me to stay patient, persistent and focussed. Computer science is the only subject where I can apply all of those skills. I am keen to understand how complex data structures work.

By studying IT at college, I have learned not only the theoretical parts of it but also the practical parts. On my current course I have learned about database design and how to use the raw data to create a complex and effective database which can be used to solve problems. I understand how categorising using normalisation can be a solution to avoid any data redundancy. As a result, I understood the importance of how a relational database based on a clinic can manipulate data using forms, reports and queries. I understood how procedural programming can be useful when dealing with different complexities, as the main purpose of procedural programming language is to follow a sequence of steps given by the programmer. I have working knowledge of the IDE, Visual Studio and the Visual Basic programming language; as well as coding the structure of the program, I have understood how forms and outputs to a list box are important for non-technical users. I found creating a website an enjoyable experience. This encouraged me to explore this topic further, so I started to complete a full-stack web development course (in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP).

My interest in computing in the wider social context leads me to read the book titled Algorithm to Live by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths, I learned how a computer algorithm can be applied in a real-life situation. This book familiarised me with different ideas of computer science that we apply in our life without being aware of. Also, after reading The Dark Net: Inside Digital Underworld by Jamie Bartlett, I learned how the technology is misused by others, this made me aware of potential dangers around the internet.

I am presently working for a small local garage on a voluntary basis. One of my main key roles at the beginning was to develop a spreadsheet model and fully utilize macros to automise daily repetitive tasks. As a result, I have created a reliable invoicing system by integrating macros that print the invoice, save a PDF copy on the local drive, email the customer and prepare the invoice for the next customer. In addition, I have integrated a stock managing system that tracks all the equipment and signals when they are out of stock. Currently I am working on his e-commerce and booking website. I have made a positive contribution to this business network.

As a student ambassador I have developed communication and team working skills. For instance, I can express my thoughts to a wide variety of audience, similarity I’m an active listener and a keen team player. I had to be able to communicate with prospective students, parents and other stakeholders during regular open evenings and give an insight into being a student at NCC.

I know how tough programming can be, but when the program finally works that satisfaction is immeasurable, it makes me want to develop the code further and make it more concise and elegant. I feel confident in stepping up to university study at the end of my current qualification. I am already undertaking independent research and exploration as part of my learning process, doing my research for assignments. I am also able to manage my time effectively and work under tight deadlines. I am looking forward to the challenges that the university has to offer and with the prospect of working with other professionals and making a future career in data science.