Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins – Summary, Notes & Opinion

Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds – Summary, Notes & Opinion

In short:

This is book is about the life story of David Goggins, a former navy seal and one of the toughest person in the world, but his early life wasn’t that joyful and straight forward, rather he has been abused and overweight. Coming from a poor family where being beaten up by his father is an everyday routine. The story continues with how mastering your emotion, mind and “chasing more pain” can help you to achieve what others are only dreaming about.

This is the book that had a significant impact in my life teaching me how to use someones criticism and negativity and turn it into fuel for you success.

Key points/lessons:

  1. Life isn’t fair

Life doesn’t go the way you think or how you wanted it to go. So, don’t bother thinking that it will as you’ll be hit by disappointments and be depressed. Rather think of what you deserve, where you want to be in life and work for it.

  1. The 40% rule

This is a life-changing lesson that I have learned from this book. David Goggins says that when your mind is telling that you’re done, totally exhausted and can’t cope anymore, you are only at 40% of your potential. If you want to use the remaining 60% then you have to fight for it.

I am trying hard to apply this lesson in my workout especially for my leg day, but I am still not quite there. 😂

  1. Forget the quick-fixes

We like to do things that releases the higher amount of dopamine from our brain within a short period of time and putting least amount of work. An example of this is playing games, watching Netflix, wasting time and chilling.

David Goggins advise us to not fall in this trap and the only way to do this is by mastering our mind and emotions.

  1. Nobody can or will help you

If you really want something than you have to work for it. A simple example of this is good physique, if you want to look more muscular then you have to hit the gym more often and follow a strict diet. No matter how many people you ask for help, nobody can help you to achieve your goal. You are the only person who can accomplish that goal.

  1. Harden your mind

The moment you feel like quitting, just don’t quit. Keep of fighting and that’s how can harden your mind, what he likes to call “callous your mind”. By callousing your mind you’ll be able to work hard even when you have zero motivation.

  1. Enjoy the journey

In order to achieve your goal, you need to start first which I think it is quite logical. You also have to set small deadlines and reward yourself, those rewards along the way will give you the fuel for the larger fire that you want to complete. A very good books that tells about the principle of reward cycle is “The molecule of more“.

Overall, I think this is the book that every college student or those who are feeling that their life is unfair should read. It is full of great advice and the story of David Goggins is very easily relatable in our life as from poor and fat guy became one of the toughest person in the world winning many prices.

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