Sadman Kibria

Hey guys, I’m Sadman a YouTuber and a 3rd Year CS student from London.

This is my personal site or website where I’ll share my works, experience, opinions and other stuff regarding whatever I can think of.

About Me

Here is a brief summary about me and little bit of my story.

Contributing Online to Help People Making Life Easier.

I am a 3rd year CS student stuying in City University of London. Beside that I make weekly video on YouTube covering lifestyle, tech and whatever comes to my mind. I am also creating an app that finds you someone to play with, more here

If you want to ask me anything feel free to do so. I read almost all the emails but don’t reply all of them due to the time.

I used to build websites and sell them to local businesses back when I was in college.

I would love to meet you in person. So if you live close to Seven Kings or happen to pass by there, then let me know. We can meet in a coffee shop and as a treat I’ll buy you a coffee. 

What I'm Doing

These are few things that I am working on 
apart from trying to lose fat and eat healthy.


I upload video on YouTube every week. Mainly about lifestyle and tech, if you have any video advice or topic then let me know…

App Development

I’m currently building an app which I called Hadodo. This app will allow you to find people to play with…

Learning AWS

I’m interested to get involved into this sort out cloud stuff. So I enrolled for AWS cloud course with a hope to be useful…

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Working Process

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Work Experience

Here is a summary of my work experience for
more check out my LinkedIn profile.
Web Designer and SEO (WordPress)

I have designed many websites in WordPress including E-Commerce. I have also learned SEO and digital marketing.

Web Designer and SEO
Full Stack Developer

I have developed websites from prototype to working websites. Building foundation of front-end and back-end development.

Web Developer
IT Technical Support

I have monitored, troubleshot and maintained computer systems, devices and networks of a car repair shop.

Technical Support

My Portfolio

These are some of my web design work completed for clients.

I'm Building App

Have you ever been in a situation when you want to play
but all your friends are busy
so you have to change your mind?


After being fed up of asking friends to play tennis with me and getting rejected. I've decided to create an app that will allow you to find people to play with and join activities nearby.

You’ll see how many active members are present for each activity and join immediately or you can create your own game and invite your friends.

Here you’ll find a wide range of activities (a-z). This is the only app you need to always find someone who wants to play with you anywhere at any time.
If you think that it might be cool then sign up so you get notified when launch my app. I'll launch the initial version on Apple Store.

Stay In Touch

If you have any suggestions or if there is anything you want to ask me or you want to meet me in person, then feel free to contact me by filling up this form or by email me.