Hello, my name is

Sadman Kibria

CS Student & YouTuber

Sadman Kibria
About me

I'm Sadman Kibria YouTuber and CS student from London.

I upload YouTube video twice every week.

A 21-years old self motivated Computer Science student at City University of London. Originally from Bangladesh who lives in London. I have created online presence for businesses which has converted in 3 or 4 times more sales.

I am a minimalist so I express my style in each and every piece of work. Finally, I also consider myself as YouTuber and upload weekly videos about tech, gadgets and lifestyle as Computer Science student in London.

What I do

Apart from attending those boring lectures at university, I do something a little bit more exiting for me. Most of my free time are equally split between these hobbies.

Computer science

I'm in my second year studying computer science at City University of London.


I upload two videos a week on YouTube about tech and tips. Stay in the loop, subscribe now.

Create Courses

I like teaching and sharing my knowledge, so I create tech related courses.

UX/UI & IOs developer

I design, prototype and build IOS apps. Which I never released on App Store.


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